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Chicken BBQ Meatballs

Tuesday, 24 March 2009 06:16 by nico

If we’re not blogging a lot these days, it’s because we are trying new recipes with barbecue sauce ! Some are concluding, other aren’t, but we’ll share today’s recipe: chicken BBQ meatballs !

I’m used to cook meatballs with honey beer, the Barbãr from Lefebvre Brewery, but Marie doesn’t like that much, so I decided to use barbecue sauce instead Wink

Here’s what you need for approximately 11 meatballs:
- 2 onions
- 1kg of minced chicken
- breadcrumbs
- salt, pepper and herbs
- flour
- barbecue sauce !
(- worcestershire sauce)
(- honey)

Alternatively, you can use a beef/pork mix instead of chicken because the chicken is quite dry when cooked.

1. Mix the meat with some breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, herbs, and approx. 2 tablespoons of barbecue sauce suitable for cooking. We used the Heinz Spread & Bake because we were running out of Hunt’s.

Chicken BBQ Meatballs 1
2. Roll the meatballs with your hands, and wrap them with some flour so they will look like this:

Chicken BBQ Meatballs 2
3. Then start cooking:

- Use a large and deep pan, add some olive oil in it and set the heat to the max.
- Add 1/2 onion when the pan is hot
- Add the meatballs. Turn them in the pan to cook them on each side until it looks a little bit grilled on the outside.
- Low the heat and add the remaining onions.
- Pour barbecue sauce (3 to 4 tablespoons) and cover the pan. 
- Add 50-60 cl of water
- Let the meatballs cook on the inside for 15 minutes. 

And voilà !

Chicken BBQ Meatballs 3
You can also add some worcestershire sauce and a teaspoon of honey while it’s cooking to add an extra kick and some sweetness to the dish.

Marie also cooked 2 meatballs with some extra Jack Daniel’s sauce to get a stronger taste.

I think the result would have been better with Hunt’s barbecue sauce instead of Heinz Spread & Bake, but we were only able to add some of it while the meatballs were cooking because our bottle was nearly empty Embarassed

Anyway, feel free to pimp that open-source recipe, and we’ll keep you updated with any new version !

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