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Tiptree Barbecue Sauce

Thursday, 27 May 2010 06:06 by nico

A new sauce to taste, finally !

By seeing the bottle and label, we instantly noticed that this English sauce would be really different from what we’re used to taste and buy.

Tiptree Barbecue Sauce 
The glass bottle lets you see the sauce’s deep red colour and by flipping it, it becomes clear that the sauce is mainly made of tomato puree.

The label at the back is as simple as the front one, showing the list of ingredients… and no sign of preservatives, modified corn starch, artificial colors and flavors etc.. All natural and GMO free !

Opening the bottle reveals a sweet smell of peppers, vinegar and tomato. The sauce really tastes sweet and sour at the same time, and leaves a slight tangy feeling on the tongue. Really excellent with potato croquettes Kiss

No super sweet, sticky and smokey flavour but rather the type of sauce you could cook yourself at home with fresh and natural ingredients !

It's a really good surprise and I would be curious to taste their other sauces.

More info on Tiptree on

And thanks to Cha & Alyne for finding this one at Rob Gourmets’ Market (posh supermarket in Brussels) Wink


Sugar, red and green peppers, honey, wine vinegar, onion, gelling agent: pectin, tomato puree, spices, salt, garlic, chilli, mustard powder
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